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Why Is Nantong Graphene At The International Textile Yarn Show Popular?
Apr 12, 2018

On Oct. 13, sponsored by the China textile industry association, the China council for the promotion of international trade branch of textile industry and other industries association jointly undertake the 14th China international exhibition on textile yarn (winter) at the national convention center (Shanghai) perfect ending.

Nantong j&j enterprise group research and development production of kerry graphene series new products favored by customers both at home and abroad to attend, research and development of multifunctional knitting fabric won the China knitting industry association awarded in 2017 the second China functional knitted products best technology innovation. J&j's graphene products include graphene, graphene oxide, modified graphene and other nearly 20 varieties, with a single-layer rate of 99%, ranking among the top international producers. At present, Johnson & Johnson has developed and mass production cary graphene composite fiber, including three varieties, polyamide, polyester and viscose fiber and synchronous development performance of flame retardant fiber and polymer Gao Jiangxin materials. All three kinds of composite fiber have been quantified and industrialized. According to nantong j&j enterprise group general manager ShaYan, Johnson & Johnson used with independent intellectual property rights of graphene preparation technology, process short, atmospheric pressure, high rate of single layer, the preparation of high efficiency, low cost, no pollution. The second phase of the production of 100 tons of graphene raw material production plant has been put into operation in July this year. It can produce 20,000 tons of graphene composite fiber.

Among them, Johnson & Johnson launched graphene composite protective gloves, safety has wear-resisting, heat and cold resistance, resistance to cutting reach level 3 excellent features, such as American standard international glove industry huge sensation, Germany will cook at research institutions, says Mr Johnson &johnson Carey, graphene in quality, performance and price advantage, and formed in the composite fiber in industrial scale, in the field of global graphene is very advanced. Currently, the monthly order has exceeded 30,000 dozens, and the monthly use of graphene composite fiber exceeds 10 tons. In addition, the graphene composite staple fiber and composite non-woven fabric and activated carbon materials, developed the latest new filtration material, the production of the respirator filter box and masks, with both filter organic gases and inorganic gases of outstanding performance, is the most outstanding product respiratory protection market today. In recent years, j&j adheres to the core concept of scientific development, and has successfully developed a complete set of scientific and green graphene raw material preparation technology through numerous experiments and explorations. Realize the organic combination of science and green environmental protection. The member of Chinese academy of sciences for the leader of the expert group review, domestic and international authoritative organization detection, Shanghai science and technology novelty search, they agreed that Johnson &johnson graphene preparation technology reached the international advanced level.

Company has participated in Frankfurt, Germany, the United States international yarn show in Chicago and Paris international exhibition, the national security product fabric show such as international conference and exhibition, with more than 600 international famous yarn, fabrics, clothing enterprises to establish a long-term contact, including the world top 500 enterprises. Currently, more than 30 foreign companies have signed cooperation agreements.

According to the group's deputy general manager, Roman, this month will also attend the German duesseldorf AA international security exhibition and Munich international clothing yarn exhibition. In the three-day exhibition, nantong j&j enterprise group director of changsha XiaoLin graphene special yarn held during the show what is true of graphene on BBS, the actual function of graphene composite fiber and how to go the way of create, sharing, win-win situation for a keynote speech.