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What Is The Weaving Method Of Knitted Cardigan? How To Knit Cardigan?
Mar 15, 2018

Knitting cardigan knitting cardigan is the ideal choice of the collocation autumn wear, a lot of people interested in knitting cardigan of weave, have time for your friends and family. I sent you this gift will certainly make them extremely touched, small make up to share the knitting cardigan texture detail, be sure to chew through! Knit cardigan order: the body and sleeves of the cardigan are woven from the bottom up, woven into the underarms of the knitwear and then strung together to suture. It can also be woven directly into the shoulders of the knitted owl and the sleeves at the end. Knitted cardigan: the body of knitted cardigan begins with 96 needle (6mm needle) knit double rib bottom edge, knit to the desired length and then change 6.5mm needle to knit flat needle. Place the head and the 48th needle in each place. Rear piece every 16 needle woven put mark B (lumbar) used for knitting cardigan accept waist of weave weave: flat knitting 2 inches (5 cm) long, weave to the rear piece mark B1 before 3 needles, right 2 and 1 needle, needle, pick a sign, the needle, needle left 2 and 1. The mark B2 is the same, it's the equivalent of taking 4 shots. Every three rows, and then repeat the above action 3, 16 needles were closed off (= the waist the finest point 80) needle knitting cardigan of the weave of the chest and needle weaving steps: down to 80 do not add not subtract 1 inch after needle, knit to mark B1 before 1 needle, needle, right under the needle, skip the mark, the needle, the left and needle. The mark B2 is the same thing, it's the same thing as adding 4 stitches. Every three lines, repeat the above action, five times the chest at its widest point back knit line 2 turn-back 104 needle (give a round shoulder Angle, upper body more post suit), each side alar collect 4 pin (96) at this time, the rest of the needle with don't wear. Knit the sleeves of knitted cardigan: 24 needles 6mm per needle double rib knit, knit to the flat needle to change 6.5mm needle, knit 2 inch flat stitch after 2 inches plus 2 needles, add to 36 stitches. Knit to the desired length, take 4 stitches from the underarm, and leave the remaining needles (32 stitches) in reserve. Knitted cardigan shoulder and collar knitting: body 96+ sleeves 32*2= 160 stitches, strung together. Each owl is 10 stitches *19 lines, which are arranged to finish the owl. 4 rows of returnees are used to dig out the nest. Change the 6mm needle, ring the double rib collar to the desired length, receive the needle, stitch under the armpit, hide the thread. A knitted cardigan is woven!