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What About The Long Knitwear? Eight Ways To Fix The Problem.
Mar 26, 2018

What about the long knitwear? Cardigan is the single item that everyone loves to wear in autumn, whether it is warm or convenient, its fashion advantage is very obvious. So, what happens when the New Jersey is worn? Let's take a look at some of the tips below!

Cardigans solution a neutral detergent wash.

The water temperature of washing cardigan is controlled at about 35 degrees Celsius, wash with high-grade neuter detergent, the ratio of water and detergent should be 3:1, do not wring woolen sweater, clean water is clean.

The cardigans solution of the second softening agent softening.

The newly bought cardigan is washed with a special softener, and the cardigan will be soft and will not be so zapped. Or rub a woolen sweater with a soft bristle brush to remove some particularly hard wool.

Cardigans solution method 3 ammonia soak.

When washing cardigan, add amount of dry cleaner and ammonia in lukewarm water, add a few drops of vinegar when rinsing, can help increase wool fabric original softness, it is wool sweater is worn more close comfortable.

Cardigans solution: 4 trim sweater.

Using special sweater shears, that can cut wool ball and hairy special tools, coarse hair cut, plunge into the phenomenon of people will be a great relief.

The cartouts solution method 5 touch face cream to reduce friction.

In the sweater cardigan inside seam cloth lining, the neck touch point face cream, moisten the skin, reduce the friction with the wool sweater.

The cardigan solution is used to match the method.

The cardigans made of mohair and sholangmao are all compared to the people. It is the easiest way to prevent the skin from sticking to the skin by adding a comfortable, pure cotton or silk scarf around the neck.

The cardigan solves the method seven wear before basking in the sun.

Sweater cardigan is put in the cabinet for a long time, can have bacterium and mite bug breed, these also can cause the skin to be itchy, so the best can bask in the sun before wearing, kill sterilization.

Cardigans solution 8 no chemical fiber sweater.

On the market a lot of sweater wool content is low, chemical fiber fabrics, will wear the sweater feel very firm, so when the choose and buy a sweater, as far as possible to buy the wool or hair sweater cardigan with higher wool content, can avoid sweater personal problem.

Method 8 refrigerator freezing method.

After dry sweater cardigan folded into the folder chain bag, put the bag in the refrigerator frozen cabinet, after a night out of the sweater, such as ice after return will wear, then sweater don't plunge into a person.