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The Collocation Method Of Striped Knit Sweater
May 26, 2017

(1) for the loose version of the horizontal striped sweater to match the best pair of tight jeans, or short shorts such as a good choice.

(2) Design horizontal striped knit sweater. For the design of horizontal striped knitted sweater, to be concise with other single products for the best. In this era of prominent personality, full of design sense of the knitted sweater for more women to choose, in the collocation, suggested that other single products best concise, not too exaggerated. Focus of sight, naturally thin.

(3) colorful stitching with loose stripes. It's nice to have a shirt or a bottom in a thick coat. Shoes, such as canvas shoes and so on, if the overall color of the clothing is dark, get a pair of warm color shoes to wear, with some bright colored accessories.

(4) for the horizontal striped knitting sweater, with a dark-coloured dress for the best. Knitted sweater, is a female workforce a pieces of the single product, and horizontal stripes, in fact, can also increase the personal charm, and the best collocation scheme, is to match the dark series of products, especially the dark dress. To coordinate the heavy color of the dark sink, play a good overall effect, and just right, not too publicity and exaggeration, reflecting the workplace women's self-confidence and poise and elegance. And the dark dress in the horizontal striped sweater collocation, increasingly appear self-cultivation, embodies the perfect body line.

(5) for the eccentric tights of the horizontal striped sweater, with the best pair of cone-shaped trousers. Selection of long accessories also has a visual effect. Eccentric tight horizontal striped knit shirt very challenging stature, so for the body is not very satisfied with the girl, even if the choice of horizontal striped sweater, do not choose too tight style, at the same time, cone-shaped trousers have a good visual balance effect, elongated leg lines, so that the overall feeling high caricaturist many!