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The Cleaning Method Of Knitted Sweater
May 26, 2017

1. Knitted clothes before washing, take the dust to put in cold water soak for 10-20 minutes, take out after the squeeze dry water, into the detergent solution or soap solution gently scrub, and then rinse with water. In order to ensure the color of the yarn, the water can be dropped into 2% acetic acid (edible vinegar can also) to the residue of soap.

2. The use of tea washing knitwear (white clothes best not to use this method), not only to clean the dust, but also to make the yarn does not fade, prolong the service life. The specific washing method is: with 1 pots of boiling water, put the right amount of tea, to soak the tea, after the water, filtered tea, the sweater (line) in the tea soaked for 15 minutes, and then gently rub a few times after, and then rinse clean with water.

3. The white sweater wears out for a long time will gradually black. If the sweater is cleaned and placed in the freezer for 1 hours, then out to dry, you can be white as new. If the dark knit sweater is stained with dust, the sponge can be dipped into the water and gently wiped.