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The Characteristics Of Knitted Sweaters
May 26, 2017

1. Thermal insulation

Blended with wool and thermal fiber.

2. Hundred-Lap

Knitted sweater spring and autumn, winter can only match, thin section of thick, a variety of styles, you can match the jacket, jeans, dresses for the hundred.

3. Intimate Comfort

The use of a variety of smooth texture of animal and plant fiber blends.

4. Flexible

After the material testing laboratory pressure test, is the high quality standard. The body clothing is through the addition of elastic yarn, improve the elasticity of underwear, through traction to maintain and adjust the size and shape.

5. Carve the Curve

Weaving in accordance with the human body engineering three-dimensional knitting method to deal with a good local tightness, so that the shape of the bottom shirt in line with the human curve, in the individual parts of the contraction force, to rectify the shape of the body, plastic body of the effect, more fitting body curve, to create a perfect figure

6. No sense of bondage

Too tight plastic body length time wear will cause blood circulation is not smooth, hands and feet numbness, even affect normal breathing, lung tissue will also be due to microcirculation disorders can not fully stretch, obstruct the whole body of oxygen supply, easy to produce cerebral hypoxia. Plastic body Bottom shirt/trousers after physical testing, pressure detection, fully in line with the health of high quality standards, human engineering three-dimensional knitting, elastic moderate, there will be no sense of restraint and dull feeling.

7. Good breathability

The use of animal and plant fiber and other organic materials to make breathable high, conducive to skin respiration. Not because of long time close to the body and prevent skin breathing, causing hair follicle inflammation, or even rough skin.