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Stick Knitting Female Style Retro Winch Casual Sweater
Apr 21, 2018

Retro powder, which looks old and feels in the hands of velvet, reminds people of those forgotten times.

Wire: Line Art Workshop Rosa Linda star

Needle number: side 4, body 4.5 rod

Dosage: 12 regiments have no surplus

Size: chest circumference 56, hem to armpit 46, total length 68, sleeve 41


Posterior film:

1, starting 104 needles, 7 needles on each side, one thread in the middle, 90 pairs in the middle, 14 rows.

2, row of flowers: 7 needles on one side, single thread, single thread, 90 stitches in the middle, and 2-1-8 needles between 7 needles and 90 needles. The needles added are arranged according to the pattern of the middle. Look at the details.

3, the number of the middle most of the twist is 13.5 hours after the opening collar: in the middle of the collection of 36 needles, the two sides according to the 2-1-2 needle, and the back shoulder 14.14.12. shoulder 40 needles.

Anterior film:

1, the same post film

2, count 10.5 flowers and leave the front collar: 12 stitches in the middle, then 2-3-2, 2-2-2, 2-1-4. The remaining 40 needles are flat and the back piece are long drawn back to the shoulder 14.14.12..

Suture: the hem does not sew, start sewing from the end of the needle, sew 90 rows. The rest is the sleeve cage.

Sleeve: direct pick weaving, 5 Pick 4, pick 92 needles, weave double thread, at the same time 8-2-8 needle, flat knitting 8 lines, 4 needles, the 2 needle and 1 needle, the needle is the same, weaving 19 lines, old-fashioned side edge.

Collar: 4 needles, 132 needles, 8 threads of double threads, 2 rows of plain stitches.



Address: 188 Binkang Road, Binjiang Section, Hangzhou, China 

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