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Song Yi Knitted Flower Jacket, Who Said The Knitted Jacket Will Wear Tight?
Apr 21, 2018

Autumn has come quietly when we don't know. When it comes to this season, the most beautiful items for the fairies, they must count "knitted coats".

The Soft Knit can make up everyone's heart in the cool weather, but the knitted cardigan is not good enough to be old, and every year there is a fashion blogger's writing, and teach you how to wear it!

If you don't remember, let's see how this fairy song is wearing this autumn.

knitted flower jacket

Since Yu Manli in camouflage, the prince of orange has been very fond of this little sister. She always feels that she has a beautiful fairy.

knitted flower jacket

The "sweaty" sweater coat is known as GUCCI's handwriting. The retro rhombus and the high saturation color have a vintage feel.

knitted flower jacket

The cuff design of the cuffs and the small buttons also continue the ancient flavor.

knitted flower jacket

A large sweater is enough to support a full set of LOOK, so the more simple the better the interior and match, the fresh white T, white hat, white shoes, the most bright and energetic in the dull autumn and winter.

The romantic curls are the most compatible with the knitted fabric.

However, this jeans shorts are a bit plain. Although the embroidery is very hot this year, this slightly old-fashioned pattern is still undesirable.


Address: 188 Binkang Road, Binjiang Section, Hangzhou, China 

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