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Notes On Cleaning Knitted Sweater
May 26, 2017

1. The knitting shirt is easy to deform, so you can not pull vigorously, lest clothes shape, affect your wearing taste.

2. After washing the sweater should use the shade way, hangs in the ventilated dry place, and should use the flat discharge way when airing, and according to the clothing's prototype arrangement lest the distortion.

3. The sweater should avoid sun exposure, which will destroy its luster and elasticity, and make it yellow and black.

4. Knitted shirts wear out for a long time, and some parts will be polished. This can be used vinegar, water, half a mixture of spray, and then wash, you can restore the original.

5. The white sweater wears out for a long time will gradually black. If the sweater is cleaned and placed in the refrigerator for one hours, then remove to dry can be white as new.

6. Wash your hands with cold water and use neutral detergent as far as possible.

7. When the knitted sweater is stored, it is best not to use the hanging way, because it is easy to cause the knitting shirt to deform, the knitted sweater stacked neatly flat is a better storage method.

8. For embroidery, patch embroidery or nail beads and other crafts of the sweater, but also need to pay attention not in the washing, storage process damaged these parts. When storing, it is best to fold inside, do not contact with other clothing directly, lest hook hangs damage.