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How To Match The Knitted Cardigan?
Mar 15, 2018

One, pink and tender color knit cardigan collocation.

Bai Fu beauty pursuit is contracted, fashionable, and the pink color of the knitted cardigan very satisfy this requirement, no excess decoration and complex design, 2013, so the effect of the match is the atmosphere have a fan!

You can choose to use the white T-shirt bottom, plus the white casual tights, instantly make your temperament double, the working woman is so built!

Second, v-neck knit cardigan collocation.

Innovative personality is that in 2013, the characteristics of the new knitting cardigan, if you want to behave personality a little this summer, you can select it, back of a shoulder bag, with jeans, a tide female will appear in front of us

How to choose the shoes?

Small make up recommend black high heel or the fish-mouth shoe that sunken color department is good collocation sheet!

Three, long sleeve knit cardigan collocation.

In spring and summer, when it is cold, this long sleeve cardigan is the best choice for you at this time, which can help you stay warm and keep you fashionable. And it is a versatile style, with a simple vest and casual pants, it can achieve very good results.

The knitwear is very skin-friendly, blue, pink, light yellow and so on, so MM can choose the season to match color, for example: spring tie-in blue, summer collocation pink, autumn collocation is light yellow! That's good to say!

4. Simple round neck knit cardigan outfit.

You will also like the knitted sweater of the series. This knitwear is one of them, no matter what color, will bring you a pure feeling.

Suggest collocation: gray vest + tight 9 cent pants, then shoe chooses high heel, such collocation is very OL of taste, super intellectual!

Five, spring han edition knit cardigan collocation.

Pure and fresh lacing is the favorite of MM, this kind of han edition knit cardigan style is concise but do not lose vogue!

Tie-in aspect, can choose white to put on the undershirt to add the skirt of a hundred plait to match, this looks like sweet little princess!