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How Does The Knitting Collocation Of Common Easy To Wear Come Out Early Spring Breath?
Mar 15, 2018

Knitting is such a magical existence that you can't wear it all the year round. It's not that you have to turn yourself into a knitter, but you can't refuse the variety of styles that it's sincere about. Early spring has arrived, common easy knitting collocation also should present a point early spring atmosphere.

01 knitwear and pleated skirt. The pleated skirt of the golden fleecy material blends fabrics and patterns into a new fashion. Although it has been popular for some time, it has no tendency to quit the stage. So you're still going to have to prepare a pleated pleated skirt for the perfect touch.

The biggest advantage of the golden fleecy material is not to satisfy your retro imagination, but to satisfy your pursuit of color. No matter how chic or even strange color, golden velvet seems to be able to stimulate vitality, so only have metallic color unique, need a plain knit sweater to be able to match a good image.

Knit sweater + wide-leg pants. Loose doesn't mean you can't have a good figure. On the contrary, it is the test of good body. Plain black is the simplest, if you are not confident in color, can use black to balance. In early spring, you need this kind of collocation more.

As the most classic and durable element, the lattice can't miss the spring scenery. It is also a good choice to make friends with tartan. You don't have to see it every day, but you can have a good time when you meet. The color of the coffee-colored knitwear with a grey pair of wide-legged pants will work well.

High collar, thick line, loose, this is the essential element of fashion sweater, if you still don't want to lag behind the trend, then come one. Tie-in wool and wide leg pants, will be lazy temperament to play to the extreme, although be lazy choice, but will not let you fall behind the person.

You may like to go with a leather skirt and have nothing to do with your body, but this kind of material always makes you feel a little uninhibited. Cut a simple skirt, do not need too much ornament, enough to let the knitwear shine its own brilliance, and the brightness of the season is very tie-in.

On the surface, like to fly self, in fact, is very conservative, this is the character of the denim skirt. Don't see it likes to adorn oneself with the hole element, but always can show the naive girl feeling. V neck lotus leaf edge, the spirit of the temperament to let a person wake up, spring has arrived.

08 color collision is gorgeous, it is the performance of spring, but knitting is like a slightly deeper color, and white meet is early spring atmosphere. High collar batwing coat with jeans is don't have to cost the brains of simple and easy, appear to let a person see the spring outing.

09 popular loose, mostly from batwing coat, especially knitting. There is a bit of heavy dependence, and the vitality of the season, and the vitality of the jeans is glowing. The design and bright colors of the ancient twist design and bright colors are the business CARDS of early spring, so that people can't refuse.