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How Does A Long Knit Sweater Match Whether Thin Or Thick Money Can Be Beautiful?
Mar 26, 2018

Wear a long sweater with a T-shirt and jeans.

T-shirt as inside take collocation jeans white shoe is concise and stylish, plus a long sweater is gentle and warm Han Fan girls favorite collocation, choose joker stud earrings white T-shirt match any knitting coat color is very good-looking.

This year very popular milk brown collocation white T-shirt is pure and fresh and artistic, wash blue make old worn hole jeans and canvas shoe collocation school breath is full of, vigor is reduced age again.

The same color collocation vision is more comfortable, the rice white collocation stripe T has the taste.

A long sweater with crop top.

It seems that this year, not only will we have to show our backs, but the fashion circle is really busy... When it comes to making your A4 waist visible, it must be crop top. With long knitwear, you can easily do it with a long sweater.

Long style knitwear with a dress.

Want don't missing a sweet lady dresses, worry about single wear with a suit too cool long cardigan, completely don't have to worry about the temperature problem, even big autumn autumn temperature difference can designate street light.

Cardigans with hot pants.

Though it was autumn and winter, how could the girl of beauty be willing to wear herself? The girl with big long legs is used to wear bottom sweater to match hot pants superposition knitting thin coat, bottom clothes disappear big show long leg special to absorb eyeball!

Whether it's inside a T-shirt or a shirt, you can wear layers, matching black leather hot pants with black nude boots.

The jeans worn in the summer are more casual and han fan.

Cardigans with jeans.

Cardigan and jeans are the easiest way to wear jeans. They are almost all hands, and they don't need to be chopped up again.

Cardigans and sweatpants.

Mix movement in recent years, the wind is very popular in Europe and the United States taking snapshots, any item and motion element impact can give a person a kind of the image of the sun, knit unlined upper garment is not exceptional also, like a supermodel sports pants with gigi will prefer cardigan street, aura can't close to.

Side striped wide-leg pants with a knit shirt can also be used to create sports winds. Choose a match with the color palette and look more stylish and youthful.