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Forecast Of Development Trend Of China's Garment Industry.
Apr 12, 2018

After the economic winter of 2008, China's garment industry has experienced major changes in the industry, such as the elimination of small and medium-sized enterprises, the transfer of foreign trade enterprises to the domestic market, and the oligopoly of the subdivision. Since 2010, according to the national bureau of statistics, the growth in retail sales of apparel enterprises has been evident, and the trend of the recovery of clothing consumption has been basically established.

New competition pattern of clothing enterprises, ushered in a new development opportunity. And the goods, the channel, the sales service and so on many links will revolve around the main consumer group consumption characteristic and change. According to Chinese clothing association published the new trend of development of the "2010 China's clothing market, according to the report, as represented by 80, 90, after the development of a new generation of consumer groups, clothing retail market will be further subdivided, and the corresponding channels of different development, not only embodies in the formats of the rich, clothing retail enterprises will change the previous way of marketing, to create more professional, personalized and target consumption group sales.

Unlike the 1990s and the two rounds of apparel industry development in the past decade, the new trend of China's garment industry mainly presents the following three characteristics:

Experience is king. A new generation of consumers more individuality experience, in order to satisfy such requirements, clothing enterprise will pay more attention to the store environment and quality of service, including shop decoration, the structure of the goods display, the image of the service personnel, temperament, attitude, etc. In recent years, the flagship store model has gradually become a popular domestic brand enterprise because it has broken through the single function of "sales" of clothing stores and given more interactive platforms.

Ii. Capital integration. Different from the development of the clothing industry in the 1990s and the past decade, the new leap of the garment industry will have a bigger booster. Traditional fashion casual wear in the apparel industry, professional outdoor fashion category of enterprise, and clear positioning network direct selling clothing enterprise, has the IDGVC, sequoia capital international venture capital enterprises of all ages. In the development of the garment industry, the clothing brand with professional experience will expand and complete the listing with the help of capital, and even start the internationalization process.

Third, the integration of the ocean. In recent years, more and more domestic clothing designer renowned fashion in Europe and America market, luxury brands have also entered the first-tier cities in China, not only such, ZARA, H&M, GAP fast fashion brands into China one after another, such as tide in east and west of the high speed transmission of information, makes the design of the western resources for Chinese use more, the height of the eastern and western popular element integration has become a typical characteristics of Chinese garment industry. Fast rhythm group co., LTD. Research and development trend and international integration, the team will participate in the international fashion footwear exhibition every year, establish an information system, and develop casual footwear products that conform to the international trend.

Iv. Channel integration. While the leisure clothing enterprises are trying the electronic commerce channel, they constantly spend a lot of money to strengthen the integration and optimization of traditional channels. With the development of e-commerce, enterprise will face the situation of online two fronts, to strengthen the optimized integration of traditional channels remains for the future development strategy of clothing enterprises heavy of towel: on the one hand can effectively improve enterprise efficiency, consolidate and expand the sales of the enterprise; On the other hand, it can avoid the difficulties of enterprises in emerging markets when they enter the e-commerce market.

Channel sinks. As the first-tier cities market increasingly saturated, clothing in the urban and rural residents in consumption level will rise sharply, the future development of second - and third-tier cities could significantly faster than the first-tier cities, layout in advance two or three cities, small and medium-sized cities to grab market share as soon as possible has become an important part of the garment enterprises can seize the future development opportunities, clothing enterprises in 2012 the second - and third-tier cities market competition will further intensified.

Market competition has entered a whole new era. Enterprises have won the competitive advantage by cost, quality, technology, channel, etc. But now all these are no longer the only advantages. The real winners will be those who can look forward to the future and grasp the future.