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Fast Fashion And Personalized Customization Will Lead The Fashion Industry.
Apr 12, 2018

In recent years, precise positioning is a trend in product design, manufacturing and marketing. The so-called precision is to identify the customer base and meet the specific needs of this group. Clothing, as one of the important means of personalizing people, needs to take this precise localization to the extreme.

At present, the domestic clothing market can be divided into high-end and middle and low-end sectors. In the middle and low end of the field, consumers are pursuing fashionable and changeable styles and moderate price. At the top end of the spectrum, consumers are less sensitive to prices and more attention is paid to brands and exquisite craftsmanship.

So, how to achieve the precise localization of these two fields? The author believes that "fast fashion" and "personalized customization" are the two best models used in the middle and low end and high-end market. They can meet the needs of consumers according to different needs of consumers, and they can meet the needs of consumers properly through the setting and layout of design, production, logistics, sales and so on.

Now, traditional clothing brands are being bombarded by e-commerce. But in fact, traditional clothing enterprises do not do e-commerce is not the key to the transformation. As a result of the existence of large stores, traditional clothing enterprise impossible completely to the electricity business transformation, and electricity is unable to cover all the clothing market, after all in the entity shop fitting, for consumers is still an important and irreplaceable shop experience.

Therefore, for a long time to come, traditional clothing stores and online stores will be a symbiotic and harmonious existence. For now, the traditional manufacturers and electricity needs joint effort study, is how to through the different attributes of online, the better use of precision positioning principle to meet the needs of the consumers. Otherwise, even if the traditional brand has an e-commerce platform, it will fail because of inaccurate positioning. Even if they temporarily have sales, they will not be able to take the long term because of their lack of positioning.

In fact, in the middle and low end of the market, fast fashion is a very popular concept. In the domestic brands, the home of hailan, ashton and so on are the models. Among the two brands, the average price of a shirt is only around 100 yuan, and a down jacket is only about 4 or 500 yuan, but it has a variety of fashionable styles and colors. From summer clothes to winter clothing, from leather to shoes, from belts to socks, consumers choose their own models in a supermarket.

Is characteristic of the brand, its entity stores has reached a certain coverage in the offline world city, make consumers to shopping is very convenient and entity shop and shop in the selling price is very reasonable, and the online price is consistent with the entity shop, so consumers with shopping online, it is better to personally try pick in the entity shop, at the same time also can enjoy the clerk warm service.

As it turns out, in 2014, when traditional clothing companies suffered a major decline, both hailan and ashton gained against the trend. In the first three quarters of 2014, the company reported a 70.5 per cent year-on-year increase in its operating income and an 83.57 per cent increase in net profit from a year earlier, with the full-year net profit forecast to rise sharply to 1550-1600%. In just a few years, the company has a turnover of nearly 1 billion yuan.

And the high-end market, the author believes that is actually personalized customization of the world.

So-called high-end market, not only represents the high prices, but the consumers to the brand connotation and the in the mind has a higher emotional appeal, and personalized custom just can satisfy such requirements of consumers.

For example, the earliest start Internet custom red collar group, on the big industrial 3 d digital print mode, 3 d printing logic thinking creatively applied to the production of the factory, successfully solved the contradiction between personalization and industrialized mass production, to achieve the 99% of consumers personalized custom requirements. The sales data also proves the success of this model. In 2013, the red collar group produced 7 million sets of clothing and realized sales revenue of 1.676 billion yuan. The annual output value of 2014 is about 2 billion yuan, and the output of MTM(Made to Measure) is about 2600 to 2800 packages per day.

Domestic senior professionals who have pointed out that, compared with high inventory, and it is difficult to form a real brand garment market, zero inventory pressure of personalization in the domestic market is still a piece of blue ocean, had a huge development potential.

Now, with the exception of the red collar, a group of companies that use cloud computing to develop custom clothing are also on the rise. Such as septwolves, shaoxing textile city, good shopping online network, men's custom brand "tailor" private, constant dragon, and so on, are now actively to custom clothing cloud data and cloud model for innovation and exploration.

All in all, whether it is fast fashion or personalized customization, it is an emerging pattern in apparel industry in recent years. They both in design and production, and sales logistics link, require the traditional model for sweeping change and innovation, the purpose is to meet the new era under the new demand of consumers. Innovation is the key to helping these enterprises lead the clothing market.