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Fashion Sweater Against The Temperature Difference Of Autumn Cool In Autumn
Apr 21, 2018

In early autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is very large. Dressing up is both fashionable and warm, and naturally becomes the top priority every day. You can help you with a single sweater in autumn. An eye-catching sweater, short pants or short skirts, immediately became full of air. Ai Mei net Xiaobian for you to collect ten fashionable sweaters, let you create a unique early autumn fashion modeling.

The blended sweater shows the mature flavor of the sweater. Peppermint green pencil pants are refreshing and refreshing for autumn. The tights properly modify the lines of the legs. Sports shoes are leisure and free.

The knitted sweater reveals the inner liner and enhances the sense of hierarchy. The shoulder design shows the perfect shoulder line. Cowboy pants have a good effect.

The sequins of white knitwear are sparkling and add some nobility. The loose version highlights the small skeleton. Tight pants are fitted with high heels, and the legs are slender and slender.

The pink sweater is so cute and cute. The loose version is suitable for all kinds of stature. Arbitrarily hoisted the front end of the knitted sweater, resulting in a short, long rear effect, showing a high waist line, the ratio of perfect body size.

The black SLING DRESS gives people a sense of steady maturity, and the floral edges of the skirt add some loveliness. The beige knitted sweater is just right to cover up the arms and muscles. It is sexy and attractive to avoid overexposure.



Address: 188 Binkang Road, Binjiang Section, Hangzhou, China 

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