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Classification And Difference Of Knitting Rib
May 26, 2017

Rib is the basic structure of the double-sided circular knitting machine, which is formed by a certain proportion of the longitudinal line of the front coil and the reverse coil. Common have $number rib (Pingluo grain), $number rib, spandex rib.

The rib knitted fabric has the features of loose, curling and extensibility, and also has greater elasticity. Often used in T-shirt collar, cuffs, have a good effect of the body, flexibility is great, (the elasticity of the frame cotton) is mainly used for casual style of clothing.

Rib is relative to plain talk, take socks to do it, the most common nothing is the cotton stockings is plain, the kind of corduroy like the bar-shaped protruding is the rib.

Rib tissue is one of the basic structure of weft knitted fabric, which is formed by the combination of the longitudinal line of the front coil and the reverse coil. The knitted fabric of rib tissue has greater elasticity and extensibility in transverse stretching, so it is often used in the inner and outer garments, such as elastic shirt, elastic vest, pullover cuff, neckline and trousers mouth, etc.

The type of rib has two main categories: one is rib knitting machine, the other is round machine rib. Transverse machine rib can be divided into two small categories: The big computer horizontal machine rib and general rib knitting machine. The big computer horizontal machine price is expensive, may weave the pattern, but the general computer horizontal machine does not have this function. Now most of the rib knitting machine in the market is woven by the general horizontal machine.

Transverse machine rib and round machine rib comparison, round machine rib of the grey fabric is cylindrical. Because the needle distance is finer (general 15G above), the cloth grain is exquisite, compared to say the fabric is thinner. It is generally used as a large cloth or piping for knitted garments, or a T-shirt collar. and transverse machine rib of the fabric is flaky, each piece has a separate line. The needle distance is thicker, the canvas style is coarse, the cloth is thick, usually weaves with several strands of yarn. Generally used as collar of knitted lapel T-shirt, sleeve position, woven jacket collar, cuffs, hem parts.