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About The Matching Of Pullovers
May 26, 2017

Self-cultivation windbreaker may not be suitable for everyone, and the feeling of a straight feel also let those who prefer casual wind feel constrained, choose a loose pullovers, not only feel comfortable and casual, and with scarves, shirts can reach the effect of hundred changes.

(1) Clean white is always the color of the hundred, with the same color of the bright piece decoration, show sweet little woman taste, as for shoes high heels or canvas shoes are OK!

(2) loose-air pullovers + tight calf pants, not only can lengthen the leg lines, but also help you cover the small flaws of the body!

(3) Black-and-white pattern with the printing sleeve head shirt + black tight leg trousers + high help boots, a black in the end, cool sense also revealed a little girl's pure feeling!

(4) Retro-dominated today, "shirt + pullovers" This has been considered "old-fashioned", student gas, slovenly collocation Way has become a new trend. You can create a 1950-year-old American college campus with a sweet little T-shirt and a plush skirt like the Alexa Chueng, or you can use a loose-style sweater with a denim shirt or plaid shirt to play the grunge flavor of the 1990.

(5) Gray pullovers and white shirt collocation is the simplest combination, the lower body can wear the 50 's style A-shaped skirt, to create the American University campus retro dress.