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A Brief Introduction To Knitted Sweaters
May 26, 2017

A knit sweater is a garment woven with a knitting needle. Knitted sweater soft texture, has good anti-wrinkle and breathability, and has greater extensibility and flexibility, wearing comfort.

Generally speaking, knitted sweater refers to the use of knitted equipment woven clothing, so in general, the use of wool, cotton, and a variety of chemical fiber materials woven clothes are knitted sweaters, it includes sweaters. Even people generally say that T-shirts and spandex are knitted, so there is also a knitted shirt, but the habit of the reasons, many people will knit sweaters as a common thin sweater, this is a big misunderstanding.

Main production base: Zhejiang Puyuan, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Guangdong Dalang, Hebei Qinghe and other places.

Knitting is divided into two kinds of hand knitting and machine knitting. And the market is the basic sales are woven, purely handmade is their own knitting sweater gloves hat and so on, generally will not flow to the market, manual labor costs are very high, but also can not form a batch generation. [Span] Process

The use of synthetic chemical fiber and finishing technology in modern science and technology has improved the properties of the knitted fabric, such as scraping, ironing-free and wear-resisting. The application of finishing techniques, such as velvet, fleece, shearing, crimped and pleated, enriches the variety of knitted fabrics. This kind of clothing variety, has the toughness.