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The pairing of knitted cardigan
May 26, 2017

Knit cardigan, paired with different types of sling vests, or directly in the long skirt outside is the classic to maintain the fashionable dress, in order to knit the majority of small shirts, change a variety of styles, or expose the ladies feelings, or show playful lively, but also in the season of Tim clothes sexy, easy to have the hundred change fashion expression. When the autumn wind blows up, still can have a warm.

Knit cardigan is generally divided into two categories, a simple plain style, after wearing more formal, suitable for matching shirts or trousers, elegant and generous, the other is a decorative effect of bright color style, very suitable for those young cute petite girl, with a short mini dress and snow boots, very good-looking. In addition, this short small knit jacket, winning in color and pattern, can choose geometry and stripe patterns, plus rich colors, you can also be very playful.

Simple line color knitting single products and refreshing summer mix, suitable for a variety of occasions, generous collocation to let the lady temperament. The concise style randomly outlines the graceful body curve, the bright color also is very noticeable, in the small matter collocation, whether is the necklace, the sunglasses or the high-heeled shoes joins, can let the graceful feeling multiply.

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