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The general knowledge of sweaters
May 26, 2017

1. A lot of sweaters are made of chemical fiber as raw materials, so in the time to buy the best nose to smell it, if there is no odor can be purchased, otherwise it will be harmful to the skin.

2. The elasticity of the sweater is very important, the purchase of the sweater to stretch the surface, check to see how flexible, elastic sweater after washing is very easy to deformation.

3. Be sure to turn the sweater in the side to see the washing instructions, ask the clear guide the staff is not required dry cleaning, can be exposed to the sun under such problems, in order to be cared for later.

4. Check all the yarn connectors on the surface of the sweater to see if it is smooth, the knitting is not uniform, the yarn color is not symmetrical, carefully looking after the selection will buy the rest assured.

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