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On the collocation of knitted sweater
May 26, 2017

Stripes have always been one of the fashion elements, and the sweater is a bit of a navy shirt with a simple white stripe on the base of dark blue. A T-shirt and a short skirt can be used to make a jacket wear a young and energetic match.

Knitted shirt design is mostly buckle design, such as the waist effect of the design, to be a unique, neckline flanging design, so that this sweater looks like a suit has a hale temperament. Small square scarf collocation is a bright spot.

Loose white sweater, very casual feeling, inside the pink shirt, so that the overall feeling is very comfortable and casual. Working as a office worker is good. It doesn't have to be formal, it has a bright spot like this.

A very fresh set of collocation, not only show the ability of the office workers, but also the feminine elegance temperament, whether it is a single wear or this collocation, are a good choice.

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