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How to choose a skirt style
May 26, 2017

Shoulder defects

People with wide shoulders can be paired with large round collars and deep v-neck dresses, which weaken people's attention to the shoulders and focus on the clavicle, cleavage and other parts. Avoid a word collar, do not choose the edge of the sleeve tight skirt and so on. People with narrower shoulders can choose a dress with a more decorative shoulder, such as a princess sleeve, a twisted flower sleeve, etc., and do not choose a sling, a shoulder and a corset.

Heavy Arm

Avoid sleeveless, narrow shoulder dresses, if the body is not slim, the tight dress is absolutely inappropriate. You can choose to be connected with the shoulder, the upper sleeve of the wider and decorated dress, can attract people's attention so that the arms appear slender.

Thick waist

Do not put the shirt or tights into the skirt, do not use the belt, do not wear pleated skirt, these are highlighting the waist collocation, suggest the choice of straight tube dress, can make the body appear slender. If the stature is taller, may choose the long and the ankle straight tube micro pendulum dress, may make the whole appears the nimble elegant, but hides the coarse waist the flaw.

Small belly

A woman with a small belly is best dressed to wear a skirt, plastic body clothes can generally be small belly tightening, thin, so wear any skirt can. If you do not want to wear plastic clothes, you can choose a wider dress, such as a large baby skirt, more lenient, also no waist, naturally will not see the belly. In addition, you can choose a-word skirt, so that the abdomen is looser, but not too much tuck waist. Avoid self-cultivation dresses and tight skirts.

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