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Cardigan Matching Skills
May 26, 2017

The cardigan of the suit department gives a professional and capable feeling that suits the office dress. However, worry too rigorous or inflexible, on the cardigan outside the waist belt added to the feeling of leisure, let a person more intimate at the same time show your little pretty waist.

White shirt is each ol have a single product, such a hundred of a single product in fact, no matter in one years at any time can be easily paired with bright color knit cardigan, can do both warm and ladies.

The end of summer dresses can also be used in autumn. As long as the outside and knit cardigan can be reasonable use, looks like a lady and noble Oh.

Satin dress can give people the most elegant feeling, with the same silk cardigan to match, nature is noble elegant 100 points. To be more aggressive, exaggerated earrings are definitely your first choice.

Cardigan can also wear a thin feeling, its secret is to use the method of length, long T-shirt with a short sweater, can naturally elongate the body curve, so you look absolutely tall slender.

Want to look cute and stable taste, the upper body selection cardigan collocation, lower body with pleated to weaken cardigan professional sense, is absolutely suitable for OL mix method.

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